Automotive Electronics

I have designed a number of testers for automotive electronics. For example, I designed load boxes for Cummins Diesel. The load boxes simulated engine components and their hookups so a technician could exercise and troubleshoot Electronic Control Modules (ECM) without having a truck diesel engine handy. The load boxes I designed accomodated Cummins' Encore series ECMs:

I also designed testers for Cummins Celect and CelectPlus ECMs. These testers combined load box type circuitry with software I wrote in C language in a LabWindows CVI environment running on a Windows NT platform. The test systems were highly automated, utilizing a rack full of equipment to perform the tests under software control.

Other automotive electronic components I have designed test software for include CAM and Crank sensors, and fuel injectors. I have also had occasion to analyze other types of automotive systems such as car audio systems, and garage door opener transmitters.